08 & 09 April 2023

Tarnovo Ultra 2023

Veliko Tarnovo

Organized by Brownteam

    • 08 April 2023
31km & 48km
D+ 920m & 1480m
    • 09 April 2023
Trail Running
14km, 35km, 56km
D+ 550m/1125m/2060m
    • 08 & 09 April 2023
MTB 48km + Trail 35km

Info TU 2023


Finish arena – in 2023 we are back where it all started back in 2016 – everything will be at one place :) Expo zone, registration, info, starts, finish and prize-giving of all disciplines will be held in front of the State Art Gallery “Boris Denev”, right next to the famous monument Asenevtsi: 43°04'54.3"N 25°38'17.7"E


Map of Tarnovo ultra 2023 - all courses, cut-off places, refreshment points and parkings can be found <<HERE>>

Expo Zone

More info for all the brands presented in our Expo Zone will come soon.

What is expected from the comeptitors so that they can race?

  • Filled up and signed declaration for participation at your own risk (will be sent to all participants about a week before the race).
  • For MTB – a helmet is mandatory.
  • For 35K and 56K Trail – Charged and working mobile phone, container for liquids with a minimum volume of 500 ml.
  • Health and physical condition corresponding to the complexity and difficulty of the route.
  • It is mandatory to start and finish with a bib number - competitors without a bib number will not be allowed to start.
  • Paid registration fee.
  • All participants have insurance provided by Allianz Bulgaria!

Starting and finishing

·     All races end at the Finish arena – in front of the State Art Gallery ”Boris Denev”, right next to the famous monument Asenevtsi: 43°04'54.3"N 25°38'17.7"E

  ·      At the Finish arena there will be a place where the competitors can leave their clothes before the start and they will get them after their finish.

·     The starts are located in close proximity to the Finish arena - on the other side of the bridge over the Yantra River, due to the fact that the bridge is not suitable for such a large number of people to cross at the same time.

·     Duathlon participants start with the regular starts for both distances - 11:00 on April 8 for the 48K MTB and 09:00 on April 9 for the 35K Trail

Classification and prize-giving

·       All top 3 in each discipline in General classification Men and Women and in categories Men 45+ and Women 45+ will be awarded.

·       Competitors in 45+ will be awarded in their age class but also in the general classification for the discipline.

·       Competitors in Men and Women categories will be awarded only according to the general classification.

·       Competitors in Duathlon are awarded both for the combined results in Duathlon and as well as the individual classification in 48K MTB and 35K Trail.

·       For instance: Racer, man, is 1st in 45+ 28km trail and is also 3rd from all male racers in 28km trail. He will be awarded as 1st in the 45+ category and also as 3rd in the general classification. The third in the Men (below 45) category will not be awarded as he’s 4th in the general classification.


  • Signs, nylon tapes and color spray. Detailed information will be given on the technical information just before every start. Follow the instructions of the organizing staff and the police!
  • markirovka02
  • markirovka03 
  • Tape “Attention” red-white stripes – only for dangerous parts of the route. Sometimes we also use signs with exclamation mark. Especially for 31K and 48K MTB – if you see it, reduce speed dramatically, and be prepared to step down from the bike!
  • The marking is quite dense – if you don’t see sign or tape in 150-200 metres, you’ve most probably missed a sign.
  • In addition, GPS-tracks are available for advance running and GPS-device usage. You can download them here:

asdTRAIL 56km

GPX format (final tracks will be uploaded before 1st of April 2023)

asdTRAIL 35km

GPX format (final tracks will be uploaded before 1st of April 2023)

 asdTRAIL 14km

GPX format (final tracks will be uploaded before 1st of April 2023)

asdMTB 31km

GPX format (final tracks will be uploaded before 1st of April 2023)

MTB 48K has a second lap, same as the first one. First lap starts at 5K from the start. The end of the first lap and entering into the second lap is at 22K from the start. The lap is 17km. After the first lap, the bikers at 31K MTB are going left towards the finish and the 48K MTB competitors – to the right for their second lap. After the second lap the 48K MTB bikers are also going left towards the finish.

Refreshment points

  • In the map in Courses section on the official website <<here>> you can find the elevation-profiles of the courses, the position and type of the refreshment points for every race. They are roughly every 10km.
  • The refreshment points will be closed with nylon tapes and competitors will not be allowed to leave with plastic or paper cups.
  • We hope all runners will act respectfully and protect the nature.  

Technical information for the different routes

  • The biggest part of the tracks are tourist routes and place for walking of the citizens of Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa and we are asking competitors to be very careful when seeing tourists.
  • 14K, 35K and 56K Trail. Many parts are covered with high grass and stones – we advise running with long socks and well-cushioned and aggressive trail shoes. There might be muddy parts. About 6kms before the finish there is technical descent which combined with tiredness, can lead to unpleasant injuries. Descent with care! Significant part of the route is on meadows, so in hot weather, we advise running with sun hat.
  • 31K and 48K MTB – The first 4Ks from the route are asphalt road in the city. Then you have 5Ks of technical and narrow track where overtaking is very hard. Dangerous parts like steep side slopes, rootstocks, fallen trees, stones etc. are marked with tape with white and red stripes or/and signs with exclamation mark. Caution! If you see it, reduce speed dramatically and be prepared to step down from the bike. The final part of the course is on asphalt road going next to the University of Veliko Tarnovo. Obey the rules for riding on the public road network and bike carefully even though there are not so many pedestrians in this area.

Quitting the race:

The race can be quit if you have fulfilled one of the following conditions:

·   The competitor has informed the organizers for leaving the race by phone on the phone numbers printed on his bib number.


·    The competitor has informed about his leaving the race on any of the timekeeping/refreshment points or at the finish.

Cut off times


31K MTB - 5:00 hours. (16:00 on 08.04.2023)

48K MTB - 7:00 hours. (18:00 on 08.04.2023)

14K Trail - 4:00 hours. (13:00 on 09.04.2023)

35K Trail - 7:00 hours. (16:00 on 09.04.2023)

56K Trail - 10:00 hours. (19:00 on 09.04.2023)


Cut-off times and points in the table (you can see them as scissors at the map):


Distance from the start in km

Cut-off at

Time from the start

Average speed for successful passage



14:00 o’clock

3:00 hours

7,00 km/h

35K Trail


14:10 o’clock

5:10 hours

12,52 min/km

56K Trail


14:10 o’clock

5:10 hours

10,18 min/km

56K Trail


15:30 o’clock

6:30 hours

10,25 min/km


  • Electronic timekeeping system of Tracksport.eu The system is contactless and the timekeeping chip is on the back of the bib number.
  • There is certain number of check points on the courses. On these points the competitors will be marked electronically or manually from a representative of the organizers at the time they pass them. That’s why it is COMPULSORY that the Bib number is visible all the time during the race.

Contacts with the organizers

Ivan Dimitrov + 359 888 375 247

Valeriya Dimitrova + 359 884 484 456

Ivаn Sirаkоv + 359 878 561 166

Kalin Penchev +359 887 536 226

Nikolay Dimitrov + 359 887 22 68 87

Bank account

Bank Account (Please, issue a payment only after you have finished your registration. If you make a payment, without mentioning the number of your registration, we cannot process your payment.):

Brown Team Sport Club – UIC 104662828
Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD
IBAN BG76BUIN95611000681211
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