04 & 05 July 2020

Tarnovo Ultra

Veliko Tarnovo

Organized by Brownteam

    • 04 July 2020
27km & 45km
D+ 700m & 1300m
    • 05 July 2020
Trail Running
14km, 28km, 48km & 71km
D+ from 500m to 1800m
    • 04 & 05 July 2020
MTB 45km + Trail 48km

Sponsors TU 2020

bryzosThe brand Bryzos has made its name as Siven Active Sport from 2006 until 2016, and as Bryzos Sport from 2016 onwards. They produce full portfolio of training, official and competition sport equipment for many sports such as orienteering, running, cross-country skiing and biathlon. Thanks to their hard work and the establishment of their name as one of the best quality performance equipment in the last more than 10 years, now more than 500 clubs in different sports all over Europe, use quipment produced by Brysoz.

For more information, you can check their site:  https://www.bryzosport.com/

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goldnutrition The Portuguese Brand GoldNutrition was established in year 2000, and made it to the Bulgarian market in 2019, thanks to the importers from Chemical Brothers Pharm and their INpharm Pharmacy. The brand is concentrating on the ingredients and the diverse and nice tastes. Besides the complete endurance product palette, they produce a lot of bodybuilding and wellness products, as well as a big women-targetted portfolio of GoldNutrition Woman.

The whole production is in the EU, all formulas are free of WADA-prohibited substances, and part of the products are WADA-tested in every production batch. This is why a lot of professional athletes, including Bulgarians, depend on the brand and are its official ambassadors.

In Bulgaria, from its arrival on the market, GoldNutrition started strong in the endurance sports market with kiosks on almost every big Ultra- or Road Marathon, at prizegiving ceremonies and refreshment point participation in the events. You’ll also find their products in the start packages and at the refreshment points in Tarnovo Ultra.

The company’s official site: https://goldnutrition.pt/en/

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